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dentemax provider got some thread on it that ends just there and that thread is where the needle actually is screwed on to the car  dentemax provider  to the syringe and the other key feature to this syringe is up here at this end get this out of the way where you can unscrew just here like this and then.

dentemax provider

dentemax provider

The syringe folds dentemax provider at degrees and that folding at degrees allows you to drop the liquid that is going to be injected in its glass cap down into the barrel this part of the syringe is called the barrel and you can drop the liquid in its little car pool straight down this hole here and it will fall

dentemax provider all the way to the bottom so then when you tighten the needle on the end here the needle will engage with the liquid you then rotate at the top back to heighten up the screw mechanism and then you will be able to use the syringe there’s one other small feature that’s actually quite hard

to see the term is important on these types of syringes if you look very closely at the tip of this moving part here that you actually press into the liquid do you notice that it’s sort of a pyramid-shaped end it’s called a barb and that means that when the tip of the arm here engages

engages with the car pool it will lock in and not be released as you pull backward so that barb on the end is important to allowing the syringe to be aspirating there are other types of dental syringes on the market once that don’t have this loop here and these are the newer sorts of

versions where the car pool that fits within there actually has some pressurized gas in it and these are called self aspirating syringes so what happens when you use a imagine that there’s no loop here just a flat area with a Silver Spur sting syringe if you take your finger off the trigger

here the syringe will by itself pull backwards on the car pool and aspirate any liquid that’s on the end of the needle so that’s the second variety that it’s sort of a newer variety but this is the standard dental syringe and just to remind you the needle is screwed on this end here .